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Der Alexanderplatz: Gestaltung und Gestalten

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Discover Alexanderplatz: immerse yourself in the heart of Berlin with history, culture and night-time flair - your gateway to an unforgettable city experience!

Your guide

David Reinecke

A native Berliner in at least the 5th generation. Look forward to authentic tours from a real Berlin snout. You will get funny anecdotes, exciting facts, and reflective perspectives on so many things that are happening in this city.


Tour by a real Berliner and professional city guide

Experience the highlights of Berlin

Exciting and funny anecdotes

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About the tour

1.0 km

45 min

zu Fuß, E-Scooter, Fahrrad

Welcome to our tour of Alexanderplatz, one of Berlin's landmarks. Not only does the unmissable television tower here, but there are also plenty of exciting and funny anecdotes to tell:

Come to Alexanderplatz, the beating heart of Berlin! Here, where the medieval market once bustled, an exciting mix of history, culture and modern city life awaits you today. Experience the TV tower, which towers over the city like a proud sentinel and offers you a breathtaking view over Berlin's rooftops. Stroll around the World Time Clock, a meeting point that not only shows the time in different time zones but also unites people from all over the world. But wait! The 'Alex", as Berliners affectionately call it, is more than just a landmark. When the sun goes down, Alexanderplatz shows its wild side. Whether it's cozy bars, trendy clubs, or cultural events - there's something for everyone here. So pack your curiosity and spirit of adventure and come to Alexanderplatz - the place where Berlin's history and vibrant city life meet!

Who gave Alexanderplatz its name? Are there secret bunkers under the Alex? What role did the square play in GDR times? And why is the Neptune Fountain in the wrong place?

Our tour takes us past these sights, among others:

- TV tower
- Red Town Hall
- World Time Clock
- The former Berolina
- House of the Teacher
- House of Statistics
- Fountain of International Friendship
- St. Mary's Church
- Neptune Fountain

Tour guide:

David is a native Berliner and has been a passionate tour guide for years. Berlin is not only his playground, he also experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall at firsthand. With his Berlin wit and big heart, he will share his best experiences with you.


The best way to do the tour is on foot.

The distance is approximately 1km. The tour takes about 1 hour on foot.


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