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Bus 100: Eine Tour durch Berlin mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln

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Discover Berlin's most famous sights by public transport. Hop on the 100 bus and experience Berlin's unique history.

Your guide

Tilman Benecke

My name is Tilman and I am a tourist on this planet. I was born far away from home and have been living and working in Berlin as a creative mind in the entertainment industry since 1999, with several interruptions. Whether as a music label owner, music producer, video editor, promoter or deejay, I love to explore and experiment with the hidden beauties of art.

I discovered my enthusiasm for tour guiding in New York, where I lived for four years. I was fascinated by this crazy city and wanted to understand it and get to know it better. So I got a tour guide license and started designing my own tours.

One of them regularly took me to the Museum of the American Gangster, which is located on the Lower East Side in a former illegal bar from the Prohibition era. There I immersed myself in the history of "Little Germany", the former center of German culture and politics in New York, which came to an end in a tragic shipwreck. I got to know the world of organized crime and understood how the mafia ruled and influenced New York for decades. I was surprised at how many true anecdotes could be found in famous Hollywood movies.

<p class="font_8">I have a great passion for discovering the secrets behind the scenes and telling them in an entertaining way. My stories are meant to entertain and contribute to a better understanding of this city. You can hate Berlin, you can love Berlin. But one thing is really hard: to ignore this city.</p>


Tour by a real Berliner and professional city guide

Experience the highlights of Berlin

Exciting and funny anecdotes

Flexible. Start when you want

About the tour

16 km

45 Min


Welcome aboard bus route 100 - it's worth taking a ride, the journey is like a journey through German history. You get to know the highs and lows, the beauties and horrors, the wonders and wounds of this fascinating city, and pass historical sights that have exciting stories to tell. Stories about the events and people that have shaped Berlin from the imperial era through the Nazi dictatorship to the fall of the Berlin Wall and right up to the present day.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the fascinating stories and historical events that have made Berlin the city it is today - a metropolis that you can love or hate, but never ignore.

And now: Have a good trip!


Brandenburg Gate

Humboldt Forum

The Red Town Hall

Museum Island

The Alexanderplatz

The television tower

The memorial church



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