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Berlin's Best

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Discover the highlights of the city with "Berlin's Best"! Experience Berlin's most famous sights in an entertaining way and immerse yourself in the history and culture of the capital.

Your guide

Free Berlin Tours

We love our city and are at home on the streets of Berlin: with heart and soul. We also convey this feeling on our tours. You will look in vain for a standardized approach with us, because you - our guests - are fortunately just as diverse as we are. So we offer exactly what we say on the tin:


Tour by an experienced guide with thousands of guests

Experience the highlights of Berlin

Exciting and funny anecdotes

Start, pause and end the tour when you want

About the tour

8 km

240 min

zu Fuß, E-Scooter, Fahrrad

Welcome to our tour of Berlin's highlights. In the next 120 minutes you will get an overview of Berlin's most popular sights with lots of anecdotes and exciting facts.

Where does the term "Retourkutsche" come from and what does it have to do with the Brandenburg Gate? Why were public squares named after their shape back then and which famous hotel survived the war but not the subsequent victory celebrations?

On our tour we will pass, among other things:

- Nikolaiviertel: the birthplace of Berlin
- Bebelplatz: the place where books were burned under National Socialism
- Potsdamer Platz: the former center of Berlin
- Brandenburg Gate: the symbol of German unity
- Chancellery: the seat of the German Chancellor
- Museum Island: an island with a total of five museums

Tour guide:
Your tour guide is "Free Berlin" Tours. One of the most established providers of guided tours in Berlin with decades of experience.

We recommend doing the tour by bike / e-scooter. If you are a good walker, you can of course also enjoy the tour on foot.

The total distance of the tour is approx. 8 km. The tour can be completed in approx. 2 hours by bike.


Brandenburg Gate

Museum Island

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Potsdamer Platz

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