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On a walk through Prague

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In Prague, guests on this tour can expect a rich picture of the city's history, architecture and cultural heritage.

The tour begins with a visit to the Church of St. Peter on Poříčí, an impressive example of Romanesque architecture from the 11th century. With its massive stone walls and intricate carvings, guests will admire the craftsmanship of medieval stonemasons.

Next, they'll explore the Hotel Paris Prague, a stunning neo-Gothic gem in the heart of the Old Town. From the ornate façade to the opulent interior, the hotel offers a glimpse into the luxury and elegance of early 20th century Prague.

century. Later in the tour, guests will discover the Gothic splendor of the Church of Our Lady before Týn with its iconic towers and richly decorated interior. This architectural marvel is a testament to Prague's enduring faith and artistic spirit.

At St. Salvator's Church, visitors can admire the splendor of early Baroque architecture with its ornate facades and high vaults. Here you will discover the intersection of religion, art and history in Prague.

The tour also includes the Church of Saints Simon and Jude, a fascinating blend of Gothic and Baroque that has played a central role in Prague's cultural life for centuries. Its rich acoustics make it a popular venue for classical concerts, which adds to its appeal.

Guests then delve into the history of Prague's Jewish community by visiting the Klausen Synagogue and the Maisel Synagogue, both of which offer insights into centuries of tradition and resilience.

The tour concludes at St. Nicholas Church, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture adorned with ornate frescoes and sculptures. With its towering dome and panoramic view of Prague, it is the crowning glory of a journey through the city's architectural treasures.

Throughout the tour, guests will be enchanted by the beauty, history and cultural significance of Prague's most famous landmarks and take away memories to last a lifetime.

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