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Sightseeing Reichstag Berlin | guidable

The Reichstag is one of the most fascinating historical buildings in Germany and a symbol of the country's political history. Its roots go back to 1894, when this building was erected to serve as the seat of the German parliament.</p

Over the years, the Reichstag has witnessed numerous political events at close quarters and was the epicenter of political power in Germany until the dark days of the Second World War, when the building suffered severe damage.

The ruins of the Reichstag bore witness to the destruction and suffering of the Second World War for a long time. The memories of this dark era scarred the building for a long time, but the determination of the Germans meant that the Reichstag was not only rebuilt, but also revitalized. It was a milestone for a reunified Germany and the decision to make Berlin the capital gave the Reichstag a new meaning.

Today, the Reichstag shines in new splendor and is an impressive testimony to German democracy. With open doors, the building welcomes visitors from all over the world. The Reichstag houses the German Bundestag and gives visitors the opportunity to experience parliamentary procedures up close and learn more about the country's political culture.

The glass dome on the roof of the Reichstag is an architectural masterpiece that not only acts as an impressive symbol of transparency and openness, but also offers a breathtaking view over Berlin. From this viewing platform, visitors can admire the city's impressive skyline and see Berlin's past and present merge at the same time.

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