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Gleisdreieck Park

Sightseeing Gleisdreieck Park Berlin | guidable

Gleisdreieck Park is a public park in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, which was created on a former railroad site. The park covers an area of around 7 hectares and is particularly well known for its urban landscaping and innovative leisure facilities. One of the special features of the park is the fact that it was created on a former railroad site and many elements of the railroad infrastructure have been preserved. For example, there are still rails and signal masts in the park, which create a special atmosphere. The park also offers a variety of leisure facilities such as skate parks, beach volleyball courts and a BMX track. There is also a large lawn where you can sunbathe or have a picnic, as well as a number of cafés and restaurants in the area. Another highlight of the park is the view of the city, which can be enjoyed from the park's roof terrace.

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