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The former Führer bunker

Sightseeing: former Führerbunker Berlin | guidable

The former Führerbunker was an underground air raid shelter where Adolf Hitler and other high-ranking members of the National Socialist government were housed during the final days of the Second World War in Europe. The bunker was located in the center of Berlin and was built in 1936 to protect Hitler and his government in the event of an air raid. During the war, the bunker was an important place for political decisions and war planning. On April 30, 1945, after the Allies had surrounded the city, Hitler committed suicide here in the bunker. After the war, the bunker was blown up by the Allies and the site was used as a building plot. Today, there are no visible traces of the former bunker. However, there is a memorial plaque commemorating the site and documenting its history. The former Führerbunker is an important place of remembrance of the crimes of the

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