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The Red Town Hall

Sightseeing Rotes Rathaus Berlin | guidable

The Rotes Rathaus, also known as the Berlin City Palace, is a historic building in the heart of Berlin that serves as the seat of the Berlin government and mayor. The building was built in the 19th century in neo-Gothic style and was originally the seat of the Prussian kings and emperors. Over the years, the Rotes Rathaus has played an important role in Berlin's political and cultural history. It was badly damaged during the Second World War and destroyed in the 1950s. Today, the Rotes Rathaus is a popular tourist destination and an important site for the preservation of Berlin's history and architecture. There is also a viewing platform on the roof of the building, from which you have a breathtaking view of the city. The Rotes Rathaus now serves as the seat of the Mayor of Berlin and the Senate and is also a venue for political events and receptions.

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